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Overall, support was awesome; support jumped on the issue and helped solve in a fast and effective manner.
Andy Seligman, Vice President of Sales
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Inventory tracking and more detailed monthly accounting figures have been two of the primary benefits that Advanced Abrasives has experienced while using ACCTivate Inventory Management and Distribution Software.

Advanced Abrasives implemented ACCTivate! as their inventory management system February 2011.

Previously, their inventory was done by hand with spreadsheets and QuickBooks, which was extremely limited for inventory management. Their rapid growth prompted them to search for an inventory solution that would better fit their business needs.

Michele DeCarr, Inventory Manager, said that their main focus was to find software that could easily track their inventory and that was flexible.

DeCarr said when she was shopping around for software, ACCTivate! stood out because of its wide variety of flexibility.

She said the final deciding factor for ACCTivate! was the consignment inventory and kitting features. Since they show everything in sizes, the kitting feature made tracking on an as needs basis easier.

Overall, Advanced Abrasives finds ACCTivate! to be an effective system for inventory management, purchasing, warehousing and sales orders. At their office they have eight employees who use ACCTivate! daily.

The inventory capabilities of ACCTivate! help Advanced Abrasives with a variety of areas, including budgeting and buying power.

Andy Seligman, Vice President of Sales said he has had a positive experience with customer service and support.

"Overall, support was awesome; support jumped on the issue and helped solve in a fast and effective manner," he said.

Seligman said, as the company continues to grow, they plan to utilize more features of ACCTivate!.

Key Benefits of ACCTivate! for Advanced Abrasives

Easily tracks inventory

Budgeting & buying power through more detailed monthly
accounting figures

Flexible features such as kitting and consignment inventory
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