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Before ACCTivate!, we didn't have an inventory system at all. Once ACCTivate! came into play that really allowed us to increase production and profit on the inventory side of the parts business by keeping track of what we had.
Robert Archuleta, Controller
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MCT Industries, Inc., began using ACCTivate! on March 30, 2000, primarily for inventory management, but over the years as their business grew and ACCTivate! evolved, they implemented multiple features across their organization.

MCT manufactures, services, repairs and sells parts for custom transportation and equipment.

In the beginning, ACCTivate! was strictly used in their parts store for managing and tracking the inventory of their trailer and commercial truck equipment parts.

"Before ACCTivate!, we didn't have an inventory system at all. Once ACCTivate! came into play that really allowed us to increase production and profit on the inventory side of the parts business by keeping track of what we had," Robert Archuleta, Controller said.

After having such success with managing inventory in their parts store, MCT initiated purchasing management with ACCTivate! to handle all of their purchase orders.

Soon after, they integrated their accounting software, CYMA with ACCTivate!, which allowed them to start posting their invoices through ACCTivate!.

ACCTivate! made accounting a lot easier for MCT over the years.

"ACCTivate! works hand and hand with our accounting software, which makes it much easier for being able to pull reports from either side of it," Archuleta said.

Shortly after the accounting integration, MCT began using Job Management for their service billing. The optional module, only compatible with the CYMA edition of ACCTivate!, is still used by MCT, but only for long-term government contracts.

After using the module for about five years, they transitioned to using the Business Activity Management and Service Billing modules for the majority of their billing. In 2004, ACCTivate! introduced Business Activity Management followed by Service Billing the next year.

"Now we're pretty much using all the different modules that ACCTivate! has offered from the Alerts to the Business Activities to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, the Inventory module and Job Management," Archuleta said.

MCT also uses the Customer Relationship Management capabilities of ACCTivate!, in which they mainly use it for credit management.

"It allows our sales people to get a quick picture of each customer as to where they stand as far as credit — what their balances are. So it's helped tremendously on the collection side of it," Archuleta said.

ACCTivate! introduced their Mobile modules in 2006 and MCT adopted the Mobile Sales Order and Mobile Receiving modules for their warehouse operations in their parts store.

"It's allowed us to be able to go back into the warehouse, scan items that a customer is wanting pricing on and come back and give them a quote without having to physically bring the parts up front or get part numbers," Archuleta said.

MCT also uses a lot of the standard reports in ACCTivate!, but over the years they have built many custom reports. Their custom reports are not just for their inventory needs, but also for reporting on business operations, such as payroll, production, work in process, billing and purchasing.

After using ACCTivate! for so many years, MCT has seen ACCTivate! evolve and this evolution in functionality and enhancements has helped them improve their own business operations.

Key Benefits of ACCTivate! for MCT Industries

Business Activity Service Billing streamlines the tracking and billing of time and materials for services

Customer Relationship Management capabilities improve management of customer credit

Mobile Sales Order and Mobile Receiving modules increase accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations in parts store
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