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ACCTivate! enables us to have a virtual office for every
one of our sales representatives across the United States
Kristen Faizo, National Sales Manager
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Inventory Management Software customer and fashion and home accessories provider
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Leakey Collection founders, Phillip & Katy Leakey

"We try to make our business fit their [the Maasai] lifestyle rather than try to change their lifestyle to fit our business."
Phillip Leakey

The Leakey Collection
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"As Katy Leakey & I left an executive meeting and walked onto the streets of New York, we realized how far we'd come,
jokingly saying 'from the bush of Africa to Fifth Avenue' and ACCTivate! has been a big part of that," Kristen Faizo, The Leakey Collection's National Sales Manager said.
Inventory Management Software customer provides fashion and home accessories

The Leakey Collection, a wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer of fashion and home accessories, grew from a will to protect the environment and a need to provide economic opportunity to the Maasai community.

After a devastating drought in 2001 wiped out most of the Maasai's cattle, many of the Maasai men were forced to leave behind the women and children to take remaining livestock elsewhere in search of better grazing.

The women and children were left in dire need of food, medical supplies, clothing and education.

Inventory Management Software customer - provider of fashion and home accessories

The Leakey's created The Leakey Collection to offer the Maasai women an opportunity to earn income through their traditional jewelry making skills, while not interrupting their culture and traditional way of life.

The jewelry is designed by the Leakeys, then handcrafted by the Maasai women from natural sustainable resources.

The right solution for a global business

ACCTivate! is currently used worldwide within The Leakey Collection, including in Kenya.

In the United States, the orders are entered in ACCTivate!, then Kenya prints the orders using ACCTivate! and fulfills the orders and ships the finished product to the United States.

Faizo said they knew they had chosen the right solution for their business.

"ACCTivate! enables us to have a virtual office for every one of our sales representatives across the United States," Faizo said.

Real-time information

Faizo praised the system for its time saving benefits, integration to Crystal Reports® and its vital customer relationship management features.

Customer satisfaction

As a lifestyle company, they store client information in ACCTivate! and can instantly find that information again whenever a product of interest to a specific customer hits the market.

"ACCTivate! allows us to be more organized and provide better customer service," Faizo said.

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