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Inventory management

The most feature-rich inventory management software
available that improves your entire business.

Inventory management software - benefit 1 Manage dispersed acquisition, manufacturing,
warehousing & distribution activities - in one
location or multiple throughout the world
Inventory management software - benefit 2 Multi-tiered inventory management, Matrix inventory, Kitting,
Assemblies, & Advanced lot & serial number management &
multi-tiered financial control
Inventory management software - benefit 3 EDI, eCommerce, Drop ship wizard, Consignment inventory
& Vendor managed inventory management
Inventory management software - benefit 4 Fully-integrated picking, shipping and shipment tracking

ACCTivate!'s inventory management software is flexible, robust and proven, yet continually evolving to integrate new technologies and capabilities. Key features include: Inventory Visibility, Multiple Product ID Codes, Alternate Product Descriptions, Multiple Units of Measure, Inventory History and Valuation & Costing.

Inventory management software with...
Real-time Inventory visibility from one screen

The ACCTivate! Inventory product screen allows at-a-glance visualization of key inventory control indicators and enables real-time inventory management and analysis.

Monitor all aspects of inventory from one location including:

  • Recommended reorder quantity
  • Substitutions
  • Bill of materials
  • Costing
  • Reorder management
  • Detailed specifications
  • Product pictures
  • Multi-tiered pricing
  • Infinite ability to include notes &
    description information
  • Current inventory on hand in each location
  • Inventory available (not committed for a
    particular use)
  • Inventory on order from suppliers
  • Inventory committed to production work order
  • Inventory committed to customers
  • Inventory reserve
  • Minimum inventory level
  • Maximum inventory level
  • Minimum reorder quantity
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Inventory management software with...
Multiple ID codes for each product

Identify products by multiple product ID codes that may be associated with each product. Alternate product IDs may be used as an alternate lookup key or may be printed on the sales and/or purchase documents. Each product ID code may contain numbers, letters, special characters and embedded spaces.

Examples of product ID codes include:

  • Vendor part numbers
  • Customer specific part numbers
  • SKU
  • Internal part number
  • Manufacturers' part numbers
  • Industry-specific codes, such as NRF codes or NAPA codes
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Inventory management software with...
Alternative inventory product descriptions

Items in inventory can be described with two descriptions to accommodate different user groups and needs. The alternate description can be used to further identify and clarify specific products beyond the general description.

Usage examples include:

  • Alternate Languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and more)
  • Customer type (commercial, government)
  • Department needs (sales, purchasing)
  • Usage (marketing, engineering)
  • Description length (brief and extended, more detailed description)

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Inventory management software with...
Multiple Units of Measure

ACCTivate!'s flexible multiple units of measure functionality allows a primary and relative alternate units of measure for order-taking, purchasing and packaging to be used for each product in the inventory.

The selling price may be stated in either the primary unit of measure, alternate unit of measure or any other unit of measure for which there is a universal relationship (i.e. inches to feet).

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Inventory management software with...
Inventory History

ACCTivate! maintains a comprehensive history of buying and selling activities from the original request to the completion of the order with visibility into current status, progress and activity completion status.

History can be used to:

  • Track lot or serial numbers
  • Locate customers
  • Identify customers who have ordered or purchased a particular product
  • Project demand

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Inventory management software with...
ACCTivate! Inventory valuation methods

ACCTivate! has the most reliable valuation and costing methodology of any small & mid-sized business software.

Average: The weighted average cost of inventory on hand. As new stock is received, the total value of the received inventory items is added to the value of the existing inventory items. The resulting value is divided by the resulting quantity on hand to form a true weighted average cost.

Standard: All inventory on hand is valued at the standard cost established for the product. Standard cost may be changed at any time by entering a balance adjustment transaction.

LIFO (Last In First Out): When inventory is received, a cost-layer is established which identifies the quantity, unit cost and total value of goods received into inventory in this transaction. As inventory is sold, the layers are costed and depleted beginning with the most recent layers.

FIFO (First in First Out): When inventory is received, a cost-layer is established which identifies the quantity, unit cost and total value of goods received into inventory in this transaction. As inventory is sold, the layers are costed and depleted to the oldest remaining layer.

Specific Identity (actual): When inventory is serial-numbered, the option exists to cost each item sold at the actual cost for which it was purchased. When inventory is lot-numbered, the actual cost is the weighted average of all purchases for that lot.

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Landed Cost

Landed cost includes additional costs beyond the purchase price of a product such as duties, taxes, VAT, government fees, customs, freight, insurance and other charges in product valuation.

ACCTivate!'s Landed Cost addon module, quickly and easily enables businesses to manually and automatically allocate these additional charges — the total landed cost amount — from the vendor(s) across one or more transactions (i.e. receipts, receipts from a purchase order and inventory transfers) based on quantity, value or weight.

Added Cost

Costs incurred after receipt of product in inventory may be included in product valuation. For example: refurbishing costs, outsourced handling or 3PL costs.

Management Cost

Maintain a management or budgeted cost for each item in inventory.

Vendor Cost

For each vendor, a published vendor cost and the actual last vendor cost may be maintained.

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ACCTivate! Inventory Management Software Designed for QuickBooks & Intacct

Maximize resources by creating finished products from multiple inventory items utilizing the flexibility found in ACCTivate!'s inventory management software. Whether products are made to stock, made on demand or a combination of the two, ACCTivate! controls the inventory, and provides visibility on sales, margins, availability and anticipated current and future component inventory requirements.

Inventory management software with...
Bill of Materials (BOM)

ACCTivate!'s multi-level Bill of Materials is used to specify the components used to build a product and can be used for products designated as either an assembly or a kit.

ACCTivate!'s Bill of Materials key features:

  • The Bill of Materials may be changed at any time while preserving the sales history for
    previously assembled or kitted products

  • Unlimited Bill of Materials components

  • The components, the completed product, or both may be serialized or lot numbered.

  • Partial assemblies can be posted and the remainder can be kept in progress until ready to post

  • Custom Kitting to make one-off changes to the quantity of kit components or add/remove
    components from a kit on a sales order

  • Batch process manufacturing

  • Custom manufacturing (Variable build assembly)

Batch process manufacturing allows for components to be adjusted based on seasonal requirements, availability, or the requirement for substitutions.

On product produced, batch process manufacturing provides the ability to compensate for variable yield with the ability to alter the quantity produced.




      Made to stock Made on demand
Product example Component 1 = Table top
Component 2 = Pedestal
Component 3 = Table base

Three table parts are boxed as a product and placed on shelf. Upon receipt of an order, the boxed product is pulled and shipped.
Component 1 = Table top
Component 2 = Pedestal
Component 3 = Spindle legs

The components are not combined to form the end product until an order is received.

The components can be combined as either a table with a pedestal & base or as a table with 4 spindle legs. Upon completion, the resulting product is boxed and immediately shipped.
Common uses Light manufacturing: businesses that make their own inventory products and need to maintain a bill of materials, produce work orders, maintain component/raw materials inventory, foreign or domestic outsourcing Situations that require simple assemblies or an unassembled collection of components sold as a single unit for a specific order, drawing components from inventory at the time of picking based on an associated BOM.

By using kitting rather than assemblies the components are not dedicated to a particular finished product until an order is received and scheduled for delivery for that product.
Inventory management
  • Upon creation of the new product,
    the components used in the assembly are depleted from inventory and the new product is added to replenish the finished goods inventory.

  • Where Used" report provides
    a listing of each product whose bill of materials calls for the use of a component

  • Upon invoicing of the customer
    order, the components used in the kit are depleted from inventory.

  • Availability is drawn from the
    components rather than the kit.

  • Reorder is at the component level.

  • "Where Used" report provides a
    listing of each product whose bill of materials calls for the use of a component
Pricing Pricing is based on the end product Pricing is based on the end product
Costing Cost of assembled product is derived from cost of components at the time of assembly Cost of material is derived from components at the time of shipment
  • Reduce production cost by
    producing larger production runs

  • Increase customer satisfaction by
    shortening lead times

  • Achieve predictability through the
    use of documented, standardized processes with the creation a bill of material (BOM)
  • Reduces level of components
    required by delaying commitment of components until order is received

  • Ability to adapt to changes in
    customer demand

  • Allows for Just in Time (JIT)
    inventory management

  • Enables flexible and short term

  • Achieve predictability through the
    use of documented, standardized processes with the creation of a bill of material (BOM)

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ACCTivate! Inventory Management Software Designed for QuickBooks & Intacct

Inventory management software with matrix inventory features

Provide customers more choices without creating an inventory management bottleneck with ACCTivate!'s Matrix Inventory management. Used in many different industries - apparel, jewelry, footwear, paint manufacturing, flooring, sporting goods – anywhere color, size, style or pattern variations require complex inventory control and tracking capabilities.

Simplify the definition, creation, and tracking of matrix inventory groups with ACCTivate!'s Matrix Inventory capabilities and
  • Reduce inventory data entry and management labor expense
  • Standardize product descriptions
  • Increase accuracy
  • Streamline sales order management
  • Gain visibility

ACCTivate! Matrix Inventory Features and Functionality

  • Single dimension matrix from style to variant where the variant can be color,
    size or any other variant of the product needed to be supported.
  • Every variation in the matrix is assumed to have the same price
  • Each variation will have its own cost
  • Variations are managed as separate SKUs
  • Sales history is maintained at the matrix level
  • Inventory movement is maintained at the component level

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ACCTivate! Inventory Management Software Designed for QuickBooks & Intacct

Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - peanuts
Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - bottles
Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - pills
Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - circuit board
Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - paint
Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - peppers
Inventory management software with lot and serial number control - dough

Inventory management software with...
Lot number and serial number tracking

Manufacturers & distributors need to track items for a variety of purposes including quality control, service management, warranty management, and product recalls.

Inventory management software - Parts distributors Parts distributors recognize serial numbers when inventory
is received or shipped & track serial numbers for recalls

Inventory management software - reduce stale inventory Tracking lot or serial numbers helps reduce stale inventory
by focusing on first in first out of the oldest goods first, reducing expired and spoilage issues

Inventory management software - food manufacturers Traceability at the case level enables food manufacturers
and distributors to comply with regulation by quickly and accurately tracing the location of any recalled products.

Inventory management software - Medical supply Medical supply & pharmaceutical manufacturers &
distributors must manage, view and report on source, expiration date, lot, inspection and quarantine information to comply with regulatory requirements and track serial numbers & lot numbers to do so

Inventory management software - Electronics distributors Electronics distributors use lot number & serial number
traceability to capture test certifications, specifications & related references

ACCTivate! lot number and serial number tracking

ACCTivate! inventory management software's lot and serial number control delivers enhanced tracking with the full backward and forward traceability.

Key lot and serial number tracking features include:

  • Tracking of an unlimited amount of products through
    inventory that have lot numbers or serial numbers

  • Trace lots back to suppliers, through outsourcers or
    to customers by lot or batch

  • Optionally, capture lot or serial number at the time of shipment
    when managing inventory by number is not required

  • Manage, view and report on source, expiration date,
    lot, inspection and quarantine information

  • Comply with regulatory requirements

  • Pre-assign specific lot or serial numbers for the warehouse
    to pick or allow warehouse personnel the convenience of picking any number and record it when shipping

  • Use mobile computing with an integrated barcode reader to
    scan item, lot and serial numbers from barcodes

  • Ability to capture expiration date, test certification
    and specification & related references

  • Easily access the data necessary to comply with FDA, ATF and
    trading partners' requirements

  • Specific identity costing allows tracking of the actual cost
    paid for each specific product unit

Award-winning ACCTivate!

ACCTivate! is the only inventory software that enables companies to better manage their inventory and their entire business, and all at an affordable price.

In addition to powerful lot and serial number management, ACCTivate! is packed with inventory management, warehousing, purchasing tools, barcoding, EDI, CRM, sales order management, eCommerce, order fulfillment, service management, decision support tools and advanced reporting.

Available in the cloud or on premise, ACCTivate! seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks & Intacct to connect, track and manage the flow of goods, activities, information, and resources from supplier to the end-user.

Contact us or give us a call at 1-866-877-1311 to speak with an ACCTivate! specialist.

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ACCTivate! Inventory Management Software Designed for QuickBooks & Intacct

Below is an extensive list of the Inventory management software capabilities of ACCTivate!
Some features are optional.

  • Alternate product IDs
  • Assemblies/light manufacturing
  • Assembly processing, including variable
    build & batch process, from a mobile device
  • Associated products
  • Audit trail for inventory adjustments
  • Average, standard, LIFO, FIFO
    and actual (specific lot/serial) valuation
  • Batch process manufacturing
  • Budget cost per product
  • Categorize by one to four
    classification methods
  • Categorize stock areas as standard,
    in process, scrap, repair, etc
  • Complete historical transaction
    ledger by product
  • Comprehensive physical count
  • Comprehensive product import
  • Consignment inventory- customer or vendor
  • Custom fields
  • Custom kitting
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Customer and vendor consignment
  • Customer product ID
  • Cycle counting
  • Dated notes per product
  • Demand based inventory replenishment
  • Discontinued stock management
  • Duplicate order, part or product
  • Editable warehouse custom field
  • Establish cost budget
  • Establish multi-tiered financial control
  • History of all transactions affecting
    quantity levels
  • Integrated inventory management
  • Item code aliases, profiling & grouping
  • Item grouping and profiling
  • Item inquiry
  • Item kit within Item Kit
  • Item matrix (color, size, pattern, etc.)
  • Item upgrades/downgrades (substitutions)
  • Keyword lookup
  • Landed cost
  • Landed cost allocation across one or more
    transactions based on quantity, value or weight
  • Link product to external document
  • Link product to website
  • Location transfer
  • Lot & serial numbered products
  • Lot tracking
  • Maintain a price list for each currency
  • Maintain multi-tiered inventory control
  • Make a variation inactive
  • Manage non-serialized items
  • Matrix Inventory/Assortments
  • Minimum reorder quantity
  • Minimum/maximum stocking levels
  • Mobile inventory management
  • Multi-level categories
  • Multiple methods for categorizing inventory
  • Multiple shipping, taxes & other items
    added to purchase & sales orders
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Multiple vendors per product
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Outsourcing
  • Post partial assemblies and keep remainder
    in progress until ready to post
  • Processing modifiers
    (style/color/size, etc)
  • Product based reminder notes
  • Product images
  • Product metrics (weights, volume)
  • Product search using 15 different
  • Product refurbishing
  • Product specifications
  • Production work orders
  • Raw material control,
    including back-flushing
  • Receiving - view all SO, TO and
    PO in one location
  • Reconcile physical inventory to
    book inventory
  • Records all inventory issued by
  • Reserved quantities
  • Same stock number at multiple
  • Separate financial treatment for
    each warehouse
  • State published prices in multiple currencies
  • Store product image/photo
  • Substitute products - Link
    products with other substitute products
  • Support for non-serialized items
  • Unique images for the variants
  • Unlimited custom reports using
    Crystal Reports®
  • UPC for variants
  • Vendor consigned inventory
  • Vendor consignment
  • View product availability during
    product search
  • Visible list of purchase & sales
    orders in progress
  • Work in process tracking

Transaction types supported:
  • Non-sales issue
  • Shrinkage, adjustments
  • Location transfer
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Financial adjustment
  • Added/landed cost

ACCTivate! Inventory Management Software Designed for QuickBooks & Intacct

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